” I’m Dating A Governor’s Son , His Mum Has Offered Me Ksh 3.5 Million To Dump Him??!.”

A Kenyan lady, who choose to hide her identity, that is both her face and her name, caused stir online after she decided to reveal to the public, on how she has found herself in a limbo, after mother in law offered her ksh.3.5 Million to dump her son.

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Speaking on the deep secret show, that is hosted by Sly, the young girl said, that she first met the governors son in a club. She didn’t know that he was a son to a powerful person in the country, however the boy was the one who approached her.

He showed his intention in dating her, hence pouring his heart out, and confessing that is in love with her. One thing led to another, she also fell in love with him, and the two started dating as they go on fancy and amazing dates .

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Since the relationship was already strong, the young man decided to introduce her to his mum, they had a chat. Though when the lady told the mum that she is a ghetto girl , her mother’s mode changed and after the talk they exchanged numbers.

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The mum called her later, they met in a luxurious hotel for a dinner. They talked and the lady said that she is truly in love with her son. The mother however told her she doesn’t fit her son, so she offered her ksh.3.5 Million to end the relationship with the son.

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She has given her time to think on that, the young lady from ghetto says that she is confused , whether to take the money, or just stick with the son, because she truly loves him, and she wants to be with him forever. What should she do?

Click the link below to watch full video on YouTube.

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