“Madem Walinisnob, Wished Me Death But Sahi I’m A Millionaire, Mimi Ndio Kusema” Babushka.

Kenyan tiktoker and rising celebrity Babushka has been the talk of the town for a while. This is after he decided to talk about his dark past, and how he used to be treated because he was disable. He didn’t give up, and now he is enjoying the fruits of his hardwork and creativity.

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At the young age of 20 years, Babushka is already a millionaire, and in addition to this he also has his own car, and he is living a very lavish lifestyle.

Speaking in an interview, the tiktoker said that ,his journey to success hasn’t been that easy. There have been  easy , he has been through alot, and alot has played alot in making him who he is currently.

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He said that because of his disability, no lady wanted him, it was hard for him to find a girlfriend, they all snobbed him. He faced criticism, and even said some people wished him death. It was very hard, and he had to develop a tough skin to be able to handle all that negativity.

He continued dancing, and showing unique things on Tiktok, the all over sudden, his videos started to go viral, that was the beginning of his success. Brands started to work with him, and in October 2023, he joined the Millionaires club.

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Babushka said that he is now a millionaire who is living a very good life. He said that despite being disabled, his creativity has made him to land into deals with big companies, and he is reaping huge. He is now the one snobbing ladies, they are all over his dm,but right now he is focused, and doesn’t want anything about  simping ladies.

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