Justina Syokau : I want to Date Ringtone Apoko, Juu ni Mkonde na Atawezana Bedroom.

Justina Syokau and Ringtone Apoko.

Justina Syokau  revealed her crush on Ringtone Apoko. She openly revealed that she is ready to date Ringtone Apoko.

Speaking in an interview on Jalang’o Tv. Justina said that she has been single for long. Also Ringtone has been single for long. So she feels that they can make a very good couple.

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She also went ahead and said that, the main thing that has made her to consider Ringtone. Is that he is rich and he has expensive assets. Meaning life will be lavish.

Justina Syokau also admitted that she loves sex.  She is a Kamba lady. She is somehow sure that Ringtone will satisfy her fully because he is a slim man.

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Justina Syokau said that is Ringtone accepts then she will have to do some research to prove if it is true that he is rich, and then go on date him.

Here is the link to the full video on YouTube

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