Meet Ken Babu, Able DAPK Youth leader Who is Following The Footsteps of Babu Owino.

Meet the able youth league leader of DAPK Party Ken Babu, who is following the footsteps of Babu Owino.

Ken Babu is the voice of DAPK youths. At his early 20s, the young leader has already proved that he got the leadership skills. He has skills to hold a senior position in his party and even the national government if possible.

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Who is Ken Babu?

He is the Youth Leader of DAPK Party , which is under Azimio La Umoja Coalition. He is in his early 20s. He is from the lakeside.

Ken is a graduate from Cooperative University. He is an old student of the great Butere Boys High school from Western Kenya.

Why is he compared to Babu Owino.

Ken Babu
Ken Babu having some moments With Babu Owino

At his early 20s, ken posses the leadership skills of Embakasi East Member of parliament Babu Owino.Ken Babu is very eloquent and confident when it comes to articulating political matters.

The DAPK youth leader is also very fearless. Ken has been seen several times on the ground speaking the voice of the youths.The young man is also educated. Though Babu Owino beats him in the number of degrees, but the mindset is similar.

We can say, Ken is the younger version of Babu Owino. In the coming years, Ken will be a very big name in Kenyan Politics.

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Achievements of  Ken Babu.

Since being named the youth leader of DAPK,which is a party led by Wafula Wamunyinyi and Eugene Wamalwa, Babu has managed to unite the youths.

In Western and Nyanza regions, majority of the youths are speaking one voice because of his influence.The youth league of DAPK and Azimio La Umoja is very active and Ken has had a role in this unity.

We hope to see him vying for a political seat in 2027. Bravo Ken , keep on working smart.


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