Aisha Feruz : I usually Hire People to Wash My Body for Ksh. 50,000 Daily.

Aisha Feruz Hiring People to bath Her daily at a fee of ksh. 50, 000.

Rich video vixen from Tanzania,Aisha Feruz, pays people to wash her body. The vixen pays them ksh. 50,000 daily for just bathing her.

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Who Aisha Feruz

She is One of the most famous Tanzanian Video Vixen. She is also a business lady and a tycoon.

Aisha Feruz has left the mouths of many wagging after revealing that she usually hires people to bath her on daily basis.


Aisha Feruz
Aisha Feruz, Tanzania Vixen

Hiring people to wash her body.

Aisha Feruz said that for her there is no discrimination. She is very fair and she usually hire both men or women who are free. They usually do the job at a very huge salary.

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She said that she usually feels good when her body is washed by someone else.
Aisha Also revealed that she used to pay her normal cleaners ksh. 1 million per month.

Why Aisha Feruz hires people to wash her

Her cleaners however downed their tools. That is why she is now hiring people to wash her body on daily basis. She said that the main reason she usually pay people to wash her, is because she isn’t in a position to do so. She is also too expensive to wash herself.

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The video vixen revealed that the position is vacant. Anyone who is willing to do the work must send their Cvs for them to be considered. Those who are given the chance are only people who are learned and atleast have a certificate.

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