“I’m a good Kisser and I have Kissed Alot of Men” Pritty Vishy Brags.

Pritty Vishy Brags of her dope kissing skills.

“I’m a good Kisser and I have Kissed Alot of Men” Pritty Vishy Reveals.

It is a very controversial year for Stivo Simple Boy’s Ex Girlfriend Pritty Vishy. She has been doing everything to make sure that she is Trending on social media platforms. In her latest Interview with Ashley Wambo, Pritty Vishy has exposed all her dirty secrets claiming that she loves kissing men.

It was just like a normal question and answer session, Ashley Wambo who was the interviewer decided to ask Pritty Vishy about the number of men she has kissed so far.

Pritty Vishy confidently said that she lost count  and at only the age of 20 years she has had a chance of Kissing several men. This men include famous public figures and some who she was secretly having a thing with them while dating Stivo Simple Boy.
Here is the link to the full video on YouTube (courtesy of Ashley Wambo).

This now proves that the allegations that Stivo Simple Boy had previously said that Pritty Vishy has slept with over 50 men might be somehow true. Pritty Vishy said that the mai reason she likes kissing men is because she has sweet lips and she is a very good kisser. She also said that she isn’t a virgin and she is also a lover of adult videos.

Pritty Vishy concluded by saying that she will never ever reunite with Stivo Simple Boy, it is over and she is just ready to move on and date another man and from the previous interviews she said that she loves men who are rich and drive expensive cars.

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