Domiane and Anastasia: Couple Who have been Married for 100 years.

Domiane and Anastasia are Rwandan couple who have been married for 100 years.


Love is a growing process. The more you grow together, the more you become stronger. Domiane and Anastasia, are a true definition that true love exists.

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For 100 years the couples are still sailing together. They are still showering each other with affection and true love.

Who are Domiane and Anastasia.

Domiane and Anastasia
Domiane and Anastasia enjoying their love life /Photo Courtesy

They are from Rwanda, the two couples have been married for 100 years. They are the oldest couple in Rwanda.

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When did they start Dating?

Speaking in an interview with Afrimax English. Domiane and Anastasia revealed that they started dating in 1919. They got married 10 years later. However before getting married, they were deeply in love.

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Marriage life and having children.

The love birds have been blessed with 12 children. The children are also growing older. They have witnessed their children growing and getting married. They have seen their grand children and great grandchildren.

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Their marriage, has had alot of ups and downs, but they are still growing more stronger together.
Despite being old Domiane and Anastasia show each other true love.

There current lifestyle

They are always together making stories and reminding themselves of the good old times. They remind each other memories they had together.

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We wish Anastasia and Domiane all the best.  May Allah continue blessing you, and may you continue aging fine like wine.

Here is the Link to the Full video on YouTube.

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