“I Don’t Date Broke Men, I Have a Taste for Rich and Handsome Guys” Stivo Simple Boy’s Ex Says

Stivo Simple Boy and Pritty Break Up

Pritty Vishy has decided to raise her standards few days after being publicly dumped by his boyfriend Stivo Simple Boy. Pritty who has been dating Stivo for a long time, has took her twitter page to describe the type of men she dates and also who are capable of handling a beautiful girl like her.

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According to Pritty Vishy, broke men have no any chance in her life, and they can’t have a taste of her. Pritty Vishy said that she has a taste for men who are very wealthy, handsome and are capable of handling her beauty very well.
(Pritty Vishy saying she dates rich and handsome men).
(courtesy of Pritty Vishy Twitter).

This comes just a few days after Stivo Simple Boy decided to dump her on claims that there are some behaviours of her he doesn’t like. Stivo Simple Boy urged her to look for a man that can handle her, because for him its over.

Pritty said that she has accepted the break up, it hurts but life must continue, in an interview with online media, Pritty said she has healed and very ready to mingle.

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Stivo Simple Boy on the other hand, after releasing a new hitsong with Adasa, he has started thirsting at Adasa. In his latest interview he revealed that Adasa had told him to wait, but according to him, Adasa will soon become his new girlfriend because they have good chemistry and also they vibe.

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