Brenda Jons: I have Left LGBTQ Community, I’m No Longer a Lesbian

Brenda Jons Quits Being A Lesbian.

One of the most famous Kenyan female content creator and Actress, Brenda Jons , has officially left the LGBTQ community. She has been a member of the minority society for some years, but now she is straight again.

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Why Brenda Jons left the LGBTQ community.


Speaking via a video on her official Instagram page.The content creator said that she came to realise that she was trying to be a person she was not. She said that after realising herself very well,she found out that it was just a stage of passage. Brenda said that it was a phase of her life and she has already passed it, it is now time for her to be who she is .

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Women that have ever dated Brenda.

Brenda Jons
Brenda Jons kissing her girlfriend

Brenda Jons made a major reveal in 2020, via a video on her Instagram. She publicly said that she was a member of LGBTQ community. She went ahead and exposed her girlfriend for cheating on her. By that time she had already dated like two women. To add on the two Phylamar who is also a celebrity lesbian, has also had a thing with Brenda.

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In conclusion the actress said that she will give the full story on her official youtube channel. She said that she will be clear on her experience as a lesbian and also a new journey as a straight woman.

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