“Huwezi Kosa Hood, Arimis, Glasses na Cond*ms Kwa Benz Yangu” Kamene Goro Reveals.

Kamene Goro's Car

(image, Kamene Goro Instagram).

Media personality and one of the most curvy and beautiful radio presenter in Kenya Kamene Goro has come out publicly to reveal things that are always inside her mercedes Benz.

Kamene Goro drives a black Mercedes Benz E350 that is worth ksh. 5 million and she acquired the Benz in 2020, with a deposit of Ksh. 5k before coming back to clear the whole amount in 2 weeks time.

Speaking in an interview with 2mbili tv, in a famous segment known as celeb ride, Kamene Goro said that she has a taste for Mercedes Benz and all the cars she has owned in her life are Mercedes Benz.

Kamene said that there are 4 vital things that are always inside her car and you will never miss them. These things are: Hood, just incase of weather changes, Arimis, she has melted it very well and it is her lips balm, glasses, she loves them and lastly Condoms both for male and female.

Kamene furthermore said that she walks with her manager Charity almost everywhere she goes.She said that since she is 30 years, before the end of this year, she will buy a brand new Mercedes Benz G Wagon which is her dream car. Kamene thanked all her fans for always showing love and encouraging her to work more smart and hard.

Here is the link to the full video on YouTube.(courtesy of 2mbili tv).

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