Moyah David: The Highest Amount I Have Been Paid to Surprise Is 800K and Lowest Is 13K.

One of the most famous and celebrated kenyan content creator , tiktoker and dancer Moyah David decided to open up on how he has been making millions of money through surprising people.

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Speaking in an interview with Oga Obinna, Moyah David revealed that it is true the dancing and surprises are really paying him well. He is getting alot of clients both in Kenya and outside Kenya. He has been travelling in and outside Kenya frequently.

He said that since he started surprising people with his dance moves, and gifts, the lowest amount of money, he has ever been given by a client is ksh.13,000 . That was just an impromptu meeting and he just had to do it .

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However when it comes to the highest amount of money he has ever been paid by a client to surprise, is ksh.800,000. He was an international client and it happened in Dubai.

Moya said that he deals with packages and as much as people don’t see him sometimes posting, is because some people pay him money and don’t want him to post. His company is running well and he is still reaping huge from the surprises and his company is now a global company.

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