Gideon Muriuki: Kenya’s Highest-Paid CEO Rakes in KSh 1 Million Daily.

Meet the highest paid CEO in Kenya, Gideon Muriuki

Gideon Muriuki, currently holding the esteemed positions of Group Managing Director and CEO at Co-operative Bank, commands an impressive monthly salary of KSh 31 million, securing his status as the highest-paid CEO in Kenya. His journey at the bank began in 1996 as a senior corporate manager, marking the commencement of a remarkable career trajectory.

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Navigating through the corporate hierarchy, Muriuki’s milestones include his appointment as Director of Corporate and Institutional Banking in 1999. In 2001, amidst a KSh 2.3 billion loss, he assumed the role of the bank’s manager, showcasing leadership acumen during challenging times.

Gideon Muriuki
Gideon Muriuki

Muriuki’s academic foundation is fortified by a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics, further complemented by an honorary doctorate in business management. His tenure at Co-op Bank has not only been marked by financial success but also substantial compensation. In 2020, he earned KSh 377.3 million in salaries and allowances, followed by a noteworthy KSh 287 million in bonuses in 2023.

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Under his guidance, Co-op Bank has thrived financially. The second quarter of 2021 saw the bank reporting an after-tax profit of KSh 7.4 billion, reflecting a 2.8% increase from the corresponding period in 2020. Notably, Muriuki’s adept leadership during the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic secured significant returns for shareholders. In recognition of this, he received the largest bonus in the banking industry, a substantial KSh 260.3 million.

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Gideon Muriuki’s consistent stellar performance and monthly earnings of KSh 31.37 million underscore his pivotal role in steering Co-operative Bank towards becoming one of Kenya’s most profitable financial institutions.

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