Shame! Pastor Kanyari Exposed of Impregnating Tiktoker Rish Kamunge.

The relationship between Pastor Kanyari and Rish Kamunge is getting somehow serious and it is like things are escalating fast. It all started as a joke and the way things are going on , the two seems to be having something privately.

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Rish Kamunge decided to go and visit Pastor Kanyari at his church, and she went on and donated ksh.100,000 to boost his church and also women, that was a good gesture.

After confessing live on Tiktok that she is in love with Kanyari and she is ready to get pregnant for him, Kamunge has been flaunting and flirting online with Kanyari.
Speaking during a live session, Rish Kamunge said that she is dating Pastor Kanyari and she is already pregnant for Pastor Kanyari. She admitted this live on Tiktok. This got many people shocked and they think it has happened so fast.

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It seems like clout chasing but the truth is that Kanyari is a single man and giving Rish a chance is something that is possible and very soon this might be official.
Here is the link to the video.

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