Huddah Monroe : I will Allow My Husband to Marry a 2nd Wife.

Huddah Monroe Reveals Why She Will Allow Her Husband to Marry Second Wife.

Huddah Monroe has revealed that she is open to be in a polygamous marriage. Huddah said that she will allow her future husband to marry a second wife.

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The socialite said that as long as the man has money, then he is free to marry the second wife.

Why Huddah Monroe will allow her husband to marry a 2nd wife.

Huddah said that she knows very well that she can’t serve her husband forever. She said that she knows at some point she will be exhausted.

Huddah Monroe
Huddah Monroe saying that she will allow her husband to marry 2nd wife /Photo Courtesy

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Huddah said when it comes to bedroom matters, she won’t be capable to do some styles. So at 50 years she won’t be expecting her husband demanding too much from her.

“At 50 years you can’t expect me to do some styles like D**g style. I won’t be flexible. So nikifika 50 years, if my man has money, I will Allow her to look for a young energetic girl and marry her.” Huddah Monroe added via an Instagram video.

Is Huddah Married?

The socialite is currently in a complicated relationship. She is always in and out of the relationship. Huddah claimed to be dating a white guy, but we have never seen her and him hanging out.

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There were allegations that she is dating Jux, but Jux said they are just best friends. Huddah at 30 is just living her best life and she is yet to settle in marriage.


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