Kamene Goro : I’m in a happy relationship with my Boyfriend ‘Mapenzi ni tamu’

Kamene Goro has revealed that she is in a very happy relationship.

Kamene Goro is enjoying her relationship life and she seems to have found her perfect match. Kamene is dating a famous Dj, known as Dj Bonez.

When Did Kamene Goro and Dj Bonez Started Dating?

Kamene got out of the streets earlier this year.This is after revealing the face of her boyfriend who is a very famous Dj in the city. Despite saying that she doesn’t want to have kids in her entire lifetime(though she is still thinking about it).

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How is there Relationship so far?

Through a question and answer session Kamene Goro revealed how the relationship has been taking her. Kamene  was answering the questions asked by her fans while enjoying her good moments with her boyfriend Dj Bonez at Tsavo.

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Kamene Goro said that she is enjoying her relationship life and she is very happy and just feeling good.

Kamene Goro
Kamene Goro Reveals that she is happy in her current relationship

Why Dj Bonez is a perfect man for Kamene.

It seems like Dj Bonez was her ideal man because Kamene has been in and out of several relationships.This includes toxic relationships. Infact she revealed that she was almost getting married to a toxic man in Tanzania at the age of 21 years.

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About Having Children

Speaking about the issue of  getting children with Dj  Bonez. Kamene Goro said that she had earlier made a decision not to have kids in her entire lifetime. But with the current relationship status and how she is being loved ,she  has started figuring out. Maybe she may get or not.

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Kamene and Dj Bonez have been dating for a while. but they made it public this year because alot of men were hitting up at Kamene. She made her relationship public to prevent men from sliding in her Dm. We wish them all the best and a happy relationship life.

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