Mungai Eve Opens Up on Getting Pregnant.

Mungai Eve reveals when she will get pregnant.

Mungai Eve Opens Up on getting pregnant: She has been among the female celebrities in Kenya, who have been receiving pressures from fans about getting pregnant. Most of her fans have been questioning her on when she will get pregnant .

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This was stimulated when her friend Felicity , who is the girlfriend to Thee Pluto got pregnant and also other female celebrities who have made it in life , getting pregnant. That is the likes of Nadia Mukami, Diana Chacha , Diana Marua and many others.

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The pressure had became too much, and Mungai Eve has decided to address the issue in a harsh way. Eve said that no one has the right to tell her on what to do or when to get pregnant.

She will keep on enjoying life and give birth when God’s time reaches. We all know children are responsibilities, and one must plan first before making the decision of getting pregnant.

Mungai Eve Opens Up on getting pregnant
Mungai Eve opens up on getting pregnant

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Eve said that she won’t get pregnant because of online pressure.
Kenyans are known of being bullies and if you are a celebrity, you must be ready to handle pressures, and critics that comes from the fans .

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We all should be aware that getting pregnant is a personal decision and no one should pressure you, because we all want our children to have better life , and planning should be made first before making a decision to have a child.

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