” Hata Afadhali Ile Mimba Ya Omosh Ilitoka” Akothee Celebrates .

Madam Boss, well known as Akothee has been trending on the better part of 2023, the year that seemed to be her year, suddenly turned out to be among the worst years. This is after she did a very lavish multimillion wedding, with her ex husband Omosh, and divorced after just few months.

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Most people thought it was clout chasing, but Akothee herself came out, and clarified everything. She admitted that it was true that her and Omosh parted ways, because she found out that things were not as she thought.

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The musician went on and thanked God for losing a baby, that she had conceived. She said that she has come to learn that the miscarriage was the work of God, and knew that something bad might happen, which eventually happened just few months after their wedding.

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Akothee said that if she could have given birth to the baby, she could have been going through alot.She could have been forced to become a single mother at 40 years. She thanked God for her successful plans, and how it happened because it was just a blessing in disguise.

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She went on and revealed that when Omosh found her, she was very much ready to get a baby. Infact she had gone abroad for artificial insemination process, then it happened that she met Omosh.

Her and Omosh decided to start trying to get a baby. Omosh managed to impregnant her, but after few months she miscarriaged. It was a painful moment, they went through it together, and few months they got married, and few months again they divorced.


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