Mtumishi( Churchill Show): Even If My Mum Dies Today, I Will Feel Nothing, I Hate Her.

Famous Churchill show comedian, Mtumishi, who is well known for their combined , Mtumishi and Mchungaji, comedy , caused stir online, after he decided to narrate a story of his dark past. He decided to open up on why he hate his mother and the challenges he went through before making it in life .

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Speaking at the church altar, Mtumishi said that he is not in good terms with his mother, and they haven’t talked for about two years. He said that he never picks her calls, and maybe he won’t pick them.

Mtumishi Churchill show
Mtumishi Churchill show

Mtumishi said that all mothers usually want their best for their children, but for his mother things were the other way round. She never wanted him to make it in life, and she has been always fighting for him to remain down.

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She started by disowning him live, and this made Mtumishi to go to Nairobi and start hustling. He started as an Eggs vendor, but kept on going for Churchill auditions. Even when his mother heard that he was on TV, she was never proud of him, he was still trying to do everything to make sure that he fails.

When Mtumishi introduced his wife to the family, his mother didn’t want the Gikuyu wife, and after their wedding she told Mtumishi that they won’t last long. It is like he went for dark powers, and after 4 months , Mtumishi and his wife parted ways.

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Since then Mtumishi hates his mother, and he said live that even if his mother dies today, he will feel nothing. He won’t even miss her, because of the things she has made him go through. He said that maybe his mother is the biggest mistake that has ever happened in his life.

He said that when he got money, he paid school fees for his siblings, and  helped them, for the mother her work has been to fight him, upto date they aren’t in good terms, and he might never forgive her in his entire life.
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