” Nataka Dem Ako Na Nyash Kubwa ”Babushka Says As He Opens Up on Dating Kate Thuku.

Famous tiktoker , Babushka, finally decided to open up on his relationship with , curvy beautiful tiktoker, Kate Thuku, this is after the two shared their steamy chats online, that sparked dating romours.

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Speaking in an interview with one of the online media, Babushka, who started gaining fame in thr beginning of 2023, said that, people were just exaggerating their conversation. The chats were just friendly chats, and him and Kate were just having a good vibe.

He said that they are very best close friends. As for now, Babushka, decided to clear the airwaves, and said that they are not dating. He said that himself personally has a crush on Kate, and he can be open to dating her, but currently relationship is not in his plans.

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The tiktoker said, that after his heartbreak with his previous girlfriend, he has just decided to remain single. Relationship is no longer in his plans, he is only focused on content and making money.

However he said that, this doesn’t mean that he will never need a girlfriend. When time reaches, he will look for a girl who is his type. He wants a beautiful girlfriend, and she must have a big curvy ‘nyash’, he likes plus size, and that is his taste and  also preference. Meaning that petite ladies have no chance of dating him.

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