“Harmonize Ako na Kaswende Anakojoa  povu tu” CassyPool .

CassyPool claims Harmonize is battling with STI's

 Kenyan entertainment spokesperson and one of the most controversial content creator in the country, CassyPool is not yet over with the Tanzania and Kenyan entertainment industry comparison. After bashing Diamond Platnumz badly , he decided to go for Kondegang CEO Harmonize.

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CassyPool who has been at the forefront of protecting kenyan music, and praising it, said that  you can’t compare Kenyans musician to Harmonize and in general the entire entertainment of Tanzania.

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Using Harmonize as an example, CassyPool alleged that Harmonize is not the best musician as many people think. He said that it is because of how one of the famous presenter introduced him to Kenyan entertainment industry, and made people to believe that he is much big than our celebrities.

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CassyPool said that the only thing that Harmonize knows is to sleep around with women. He went on and said that the singer has been battling with Sexually transmitted infections.

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CassyPool claimed that one of his close friend informed him that Harmonize wasn’t in a good health condition, and STI was almost finishing him.

” Mtu kama Harmonize ni bure tu, huyo anastruggle kupigana na Kaswende, za ndaaanii niliambiwa juzi alikuwa anatoa tu povu kwa sehemu zake za siri” CassyPool claimed.

He said this two statements in two different interviews . The first one was an interview with Mwafreeka.

Here is the link.

The second one was an interview with Nicholas Kioko.

This comes , after there were allegations online that Kajala’s daughter, Paula Kajala, infected Rayvanny STI. In addition to this Mwijaku also alleged that Harmonize used to sleep with Paula Kajala, and that was one of the reasons he broke up with Kajala before reuniting and then later Fridah Kajala dumped him.

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