KRG the Don house: Inside KRG’s Mansion worth ksh. 500 Million.

KRG the Don house: KRG gives an overview of his expensive mansion worth ksh. 500 Million and explains how he acquired it.


KRG the Don house, is among the most expensive multimillion mansions that are owned by Kenyan celebrities.

Who is KRG the Don ?

He is One of the most famous dancehall and richest musician in Kenya. He sings dancehall music. He is also a very successful entrepreneur and owns several real estate and Mansion.

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Number of Houses owned by KRG

KRG the Don owns several mansions and in the previous interviews he revealed that he owns 3 Mansions in Nairobi. KRG the Don house in one of the suburbs is the one that has been a dream home of most celebrities.

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KRG the Don house cost

Speaking in an interview with Plugtv , Krg the Don  said that he is currently living the life he once dreamt off.  KRG said has worked very hard to acquire a very expensive Mansion in Nairobi Lavington.  This is a well known surbub in the city and an area where tycoons live. He said that the mansion is worth ksh. 500 Million.

Inside ksh. 500 Million KRG the Don house.

KRG the Don house
KRG the Don house, Krg beside his ksh. 500 Million mansion/Photo Courtesy.

The Mansion has everything, it has an ample parking space and a play ground for his children.KRG the Don houseKRG the Don house is located in a place where poor people can’t afford. His main aim and target is to work hard and more smart so that he can purchase the whole area, hence he won’t be having neighbours.

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Krg also said that for the love of his sons, he wants a bigger space and create a field for his sons to play football and also a chopper parking.

Here is the Link to the Full Video on YouTube(courtesy of Plugtv).

KRG The Don Advise to young people on how to make it in life.

Krg has advised the young Kenyan youths to start  hustling and working smart because that is the only way they will be able to make it in life. He also said that he still spends ksh. 100,000 per day just to buy petty things and pay bills.

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