” Ako Mboka” The Man Paying Ksh.75K Monthly Rent For Sherryl Gabriella Mansion Exposed .

Actress and content creator, Sherryl Gabriella caused stir online, after she flaunted her new home, which was a mansion. At first people thought she had bought it, till the famous real estate company came out and revealed that their mansions are rent only.

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Sherryl came back online and said that she had rented the mansion, and the house rent is ksh.75,000 only per month. She said that she is the one paying the rent, through endorsements, tiktok and content creation.

However Prince Mwiti finally decided to expose the truth. Mwiti started by exposing the relationship between Sherryl and Ailo. Ailo is a tiktoker who has been gifting Sherryl lions and universe on Tiktok. However their relationship seems to be in shambles.
This is after Sherryl disrespected Ailo at Kiss 100 by saying that he is only a gifter , yet they were having something privately. Mwiti exposed all the chats send to him by Ailo, and even played the voice notes of Sherryl simping on him.

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Ailo was in Kenya and his cosy pictures with Sherryl are online. While exposing this, in the chats Ailo also revealed that Sherryl is allegedly seeing another Kenyan man who is paying for her house rent.

” Ako Mboka” The Man Paying Ksh.75K Monthly Rent For Sherryl Gabriella Mansion Exposed .

The man is also a tiktoker and is identified as Steve Nice. It has been alleged that Steve is the one who is paying for the ksh.75,000 monthly rent. He said that Sherryl is with the man for the money, and that is how things are on the ground.
Click the link below to watch full video on Tiktok.

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