From Fame to Farm: How Women Led to the Downfall of Colonel Mustapha.

The Downfall of Musician Colonel Mustapha Explained

One of the most celebrated musician, Colonel Mustapha caused stir online, after a video of him working at a construction site went viral online. It caught many Kenyans with shock because he is one of the legends who really took Kenyan music internationally.

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The video caused mixed reactions, and some people applauded him, while others said that it is clout chasing, and maybe he was shooting a video song of his upcoming music.

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However close neighbours of Colonel Mustapha, decided to reveal the truth on what happened to the ‘hey Baby’ hitmaker. Via the Nairobi Gossip Instagram Page. The neighbour said that Colonel Mustapha built his house just beside them.

When he was still and his hit songs were the talk of the town, Colonel used to hang out with women. He kept ladies close, and they used him very well. They devoured all his money, and when they realised that Colonel is broke, they all dumped him, and he was just left alone to struggle for his life.

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The person was also supported by a second person who also resides at the same area with Mustapha , that is Utawala. The person said that it is true he works at the construction site, the good thing is that he doesn’t pay rent because he has his own house.

The two revealed that Colonel is now a hustler, and people must understand that money usually comes and goes, so they should stop judging his condition, because he is trying his level best.

Colonel Mustapha
The Downfall of Colonel Mustapha Explained

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From the information shared by the neighbours, it is clear that women are the ones who led to the downfall of Colonel Mustapha. While still famous, Colonel used to date Notiflow. The two were a famous couple and they were almost getting married before things went left.

Colonel Mustapha
Colonel Mustapha and his ex girlfriend Notiflow

During an interview with several media station in 2022, Mustapha narrated, how Notiflow wanted to completely finish his music career. She took his Instagram account, and hence he wasn’t able to promote his songs via the platform. He said all negative things about Notiflow and how things ended up in premium tears.

He also announced that he has made a comeback in the music industry. However since the current generation is different from the generation that used to enjoy his music back then, it became difficult for him to identify his target audience, and somehow his songs non of them went viral.

Coming back to the top has been a major challenge, and maybe that is the reason why he decided to make a living by working at the construction site ( Mjengo). We hope all shall be well and very soon he will be back to the top again.

Colonel Mustapha
Colonel Mustapha at the construction site

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