” I’m Broke , Nateseka Sana” Famous Churchill Show Comedian Johnny Cries Out For Help

Famous Churchill Show Comedian, Johnny has finally opened up on how he is really struggling with life. Things haven’t been well on his side and he is really suffering and struggling to maintain his lifestyle.

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Johnny was among the comedians who were gaining fame faster , because he had very dope jokes and the audience was always amazed by his funny jokes. He usually nailed it on the stage.

Churchill Show Comedian Johnny
Churchill Show Comedian Johnny

However in 2020, things started going left, Corona Virus made the Churchill Show platform to be closed down for a while. The government banned all the public gathering as a method of trying to contain the virus.

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Johnny thought that the ban will only last for a while, so since there was no any platform to perform and earn money, he decided to use the small savings he had. This time he was also hosting other two comedians who were also struggling.

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With time his savings ended, and he remained bankrupt. The two comedians, who are Consumator and his friend, left without informing him. He was left with two months rent arrears .

Johnny decided to sell his electronics so that he can clear the arears. After clearing the debt, because things were getting harsh, and there was no sign of Churchill Show returning, he decided to move into a single room.

Despite the house being cheap , for it has a leaking roof, and most times when it rains, the room is always flooded. Johnny said that life has been difficult on his side, he is even forced to work at a pool of even as a matatu conductor so that he can get some coins.

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The flooding house has also led to him developing some health complications. His life is just difficult, despite trying very hard to make things look normal, he is still suffering. He urged Kenyans of good will to atleast support him in anyway they can, he will really appreciate.

Click here to watch full video on YouTube.

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