3 Times Francis Atwoli Has Proved to Be The Most Romantic Politician in Kenya

Romantic moments of Francis Atwoli with his wife Mary Kilobi.

The secretary general of COTU and also one of the most famous political advisor and influencer, Francis Atwoli is among the most romantic politicians in Kenya.

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Despite being somehow old, he knows very well how to handle ladies and treat them like queens. Atwoli is a polygamous man , though Mary Kilobi is his wife that is famous .

Here are three romantic things that Francis Atwoli always does to his wife Mary Kilobi.

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1.Inviting The Whole Music Band to sing for His  Wife Mary Kilobi.

During the birthdays of his wife, Francis always invites a special music band to sing for mary. He always does a surprise party to her wife. Remember inviting a whole band, especially the famous old school bands is very expensive. But because of the love he has for her ,he always does it.

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2.Taking  Mary Kilobi on Expensive Vacations.

Francis Atwoli
Francis Atwoli on a Vacation with his wife Mary Kilobi /photo courtesy

It may sound to be something normal ,but in the political field, Atwoli is among the few politicians who always take their wives to vacations . Francis usually takes mary to expensive places both inside and outside the country. In 2021, they even booked like a whole beach just to have their time alone as couples.

3.Francis Atwoli always praises his Wife Mary Kilobi and He Even Show her affection in Public.

There is a very big age difference between the two, but this has never made Atwoli to shy speaking about Mary. When asked questions about her in public ,she usually answers and praises her.

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Mostly during the Jeff Koinange’s interview , Atwoli usually praises her wife. There are also pictures that have gone viral of him sharing a kiss and hug with Mary.

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