Just In : Azimio to File Another Petition At The Supreme Court Against William Ruto

Azimio to Sue William Ruto.

It is not over till it is Over. Azimio la Umoja coalition is planning to file another petition against William Ruto. Reports have emerged that they have already talked with there lawyers and , ready to take William Ruto to the Supreme court.

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President elect William Ruto will be officially sworn in on September 13th.He will take over the country.

Why Azimio Want to Sue William Ruto.

According to information obtained from Standard Digital, Azimio la Umoja coalition is seeking to file a petition. The petition is against Dr William Ruto’s move to sign a post election agreement with some Azimio parties.

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Some of the parties have defected Azimio prematurely .According to them, what Dr William Ruto and thoseAzimio parties signed was illegal agreement. Azimio insists that those rebel parties are still legally under their camp.Therefore the agreement between the parties and Ruto are null and void.

Azimio to Sue William Ruto
Azimio to Sue William Ruto/Courtesy of Standard Digital

The registrar of the parties ,Ann Nderithu has backed up Azimio by saying that, they are only aware of the agreements ,that were signed before election. Azimio is still planning to make the final decision which is automatically going to Supreme Court. The parties that defected are; MCC, PAA, UDM and UPIA party.

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