Amberay Opens up on Dating Inspector Mwala.

Amberay speaks about dating Inspector Mwala.


One of the most famous and controversial Kenyan socialite, Amberay has come out openly to speak about dating Inspector Mwala. There were rumours online that her and Mwala had a thing.

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Amberay on Dating Inspector Mwala.

Speaking in an interview on her youtube channel. The socialite said that it was a misconception,and people just made their own stories. She said that her and mwala aren’t even friends and they even don’t talk .

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What made people think that she has ever dated Inspector Mwala.

The Kamba socialite said that ,a viral photo of Inspector Mwala chilling with her son Gavin,was the thing that made people to start spreading those romours. Amberay cleared the airwaves and said openly that she has never dated Mwala .

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The mother of one said that she is open to taking pictures with anyone . She doesn’t care what people will think or say . She has been into several relationships and currently , Amberay is single and not yet ready to mingle.
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