Wajackoya’s Gold Rings Worth ksh. 9 Million.

Wajackoya’s Gold Rings Worth ksh. 9 Million are made of 14k pure gold and Original Diamond

Wajackoya’s Gold Rings are made of pure gold and coated with original Diamond. The Roots party presidential Candidate said that he buys original jewelleries.


Wajackoyah’s Rings Made of 14k pure gold.


Speaking in an interview with Oga Obinna, George Wajackoya said that he is a lover of Jewelleries. The jewelleries he walks around with are made of gold. Starting from his watch, which is made of hemp and coated with Original gold.
Wajackoyah’s gold rings are among the most expensive rings in the world. They are made of 14k pure gold.

Wajackoya’s Gold Rings made of 14k Pure Gold.

 Wajackoya's Gold Rings
Obinna holding Wajackoya’s Gold Rings /Photo Courtesy

14k  gold is a higher-quality blend of gold and other metals and alloys; but it is still affordable for purchasing. Similar to 10k, a 14k gold piece is durable and won’t easily tarnish. According to jewelry tradition, 14k gold is the choice for timeless elegance.

Components of 14 k pure Gold.

14k gold is the most commonly used gold for jewelry settings. It’s composed of 58.3% gold and 41.7% alloy. Appearance: 14k gold has a yellow hue brighter than 10k gold, but not nearly as vibrant as 24k gold.

The Cost of 14k pure gold.

Currently the cost of 14k gold ring is  $36. 3  which is ksh. 4.5 million. Wajackoya’s Gold Rings are 2, hence this means that they cost ksh. 9 Million. They might be expensive than that because they are both coated with original Diamond.


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