Why Stevo Simple Boy Collapsed On Stage At Citizen Tv 10 Over 10 Show.

Stevo Simple Boy caused stir online, after the unthinkable happened , when he was on a live interview, on Citizen Tv, 10 over 10 show. The musician apparently collapsed while on the stage.

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This was unexpected, he had just made a very heroic entrance, and the host Aziza was about to start questioning the Freshi barida hitmaker, the all over sudden he just collapsed and fall on the stage.
Here is the link to the full video on YouTube.

There are several reasons why this could have happened to Simple Boy, he has been going through a very difficult time.

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Learning that someone else impregnated his wife, is not something to joke with. Stevo did an interview and revealed that he had a wife but she cheated on him and someone else made her pregnant.

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While still battling with that mentally, Simple Boy revealed that his manager had dumped him, and that is enough stress to make someone collapse. He wasn’t mentally stable, and many people may think it is a stunt, but the truth is that this guy is really going through alot, and he needs serious medical attention.

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