Family Drama: Tension Rise As Chira’s Grandmother Confront’s Baba T Over Family Matters.

The story of Brian Chira the well known and controversial kenyan tiktoker who died on 17th March 2024 is still on, and new details keeps on emerging. It seems that there are alot of things that are happening behind the scenes.

After Baba Talisha came online to clear the airwaves, and even exposed the family, revealing to the public about Chiras father and other things that made the grandmother annoyed. The grandmother faced backlash online and she had to come out to clear the airwaves.

Speaking in a viral video, the grandmother said that , Baba Talisha and his girlfriend disrespected her, by going online to expose and claim to be knowing things about her family , they subjected her to online bullying, according to her they talked to her like a child .

The grandmother said that she doesn’t care whatever they are saying and she has now given a greenlight to those investigating the death of his grandson Brian Chira. She said that she is suspecting that something might have happened and it is now time for justice.

Obidan Dela together with the grandmother have started the justice for Brian Chira movement and they will start by going at Karuri police station for the phone of chira. From there they will proceed to the DCI and they are now ready for the movement. There claim is that Brian Chira was killed and not accident as it was said before.

Here is the video.

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