King Kalala: I’m Not A Lesbian, I’m in Love With Someone’s Boyfriend and I’m Planning To Steal Him.

Famous radio presenter, King Kalala has finally come out openly, to address the romours that have been going viral online concerning her gender. Most people have been linking her to LGBTQ, but in real sense she seems not to be the member of the society.

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Speaking in an interview with Oga Obinna, King Kalala , said that people usually link her to LGBTQ because of how bold she is, and how she usually behaves like a man.

However in real sense she is very straight, and she is just a girl like all other ladies, and she also loves baby girl treatment. Being social and also seeming to be rough doesn’t define her when it comes to her real love life.

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The radio presenter said that, she is in love with someones boyfriend. She has a huge crush on him, and currently she is planning on how to steal the man from his current girlfriend.

Kalala said that she is always straight forward, hence if she falls in love with someone of has a crush on someone, she will shoot her shot. That is what she has been doing and she is used to doing it.

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She also said that she was in a relationship for four good years, but it ended in premium tears because she was cheating on that man, and the man was also cheating on her with a fellow man, and things had to end in premium tears.
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