“Kupumzika ni Mbinguni” Huddah Monroe Salivating and Crushing on Masterpiece King.

Huddah Monroe Crushing on Masterpiece.

“Kupumzika ni Mbinguni” Huddah Monroe Salivating and Crushing on Masterpiece King.

In Kenya the current trending slogan is ‘Kurudi Soko’, the market seems to be wide for Huddah Monroe  and is like she has a variety of choices. After experiencing Juma Jux skills, the commando mistress now wants to have a taste of the man of God and a born again gospel artist Masterpiece King.

A year ago Masterpiece King well known as Emmanuel King was the first one to admit publicly that he loves Huddah Monroe and he would like to meet her and just take her to church so that she can be a born again christian. Masterpiece King was very determined to change Huddah Monroe’s life and make her a born again lady.
Dreams of Masterpiece were shuttered down after Huddah Monroe ignored his request and acted like there is nothing had happened, so Masterpiece decided to keep quiet and since then he has never talked about Huddah Monroe.

But it is normally said that what goes around comes around, a year later, Huddah Monroe has brought herself and she is now hitting up at the young cute gospel artist. In the latest Instagram post Huddah has appreciated Masterpiece Kings drip and expressed how she is bored when Masterpiece isn’t talking to her.

It is like Huddah is secretly crushing on  Masterpiece who is a lover of many ladies because of his good looks and dope fashion. It is rare for Huddah Monroe to comment on a Kenyan Celebrity photo and if you see her doing that she is automatically up to something.

Huddah Monroe is also beautiful and she can make a good couple with Masterpiece because they are both lightskin and rich. Let’s wait and see if this will come to happen, because Masterpiece’s dream has been to take Huddah Monroe to church.

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