Eli Omundu: Pastor Ezekiel Aliniombea Nyota Ikarudi na Mchawi Alituroga Tuibie Jalang’o Akakufa.

Eli reveals how Pastor Ezekiel Helped Him.

Former Jalang’o groundsman Eli Omundu Mukhumundu, caused stir online after he decided to defend Pastor Ezekiel by revealing how he helped him to change and have a sign of hope in life again after being fired by his employer Felix Odour well known as Jalang’o.

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Eli and his co-worker robbed Jalang’o ksh.2.1 Million in 2022, this was something unsual, because Jalas had trusted them very much, and he didn’t expect such an act from them. They were traced by police, and after a while they decided to surrender and they returned the remaining money to Jalang’o.

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The lang’ata MP lost his trust on them and he decided to fire them. After loosing his job , Eli started experiencing difficulties in life, he went back to poverty, and he strongly believed that someone had bewitched him, and wanted him to go down.

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He said that, there was someone in his village who was a witch, and wasn’t impressed with the progress of Eli, so he bewitched him and made him loose job at Jalang’os mansion.

Eli Omundu ( Former Jalang’os Grounds Man).

After suffering for a while, Eli decided to go and seek for spiritual intervention at Pastor Ezekiel’s church in Mavueni Kilifi. He met the pastor, he prayed for him and gave him his holy water and a handkerchief.

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Immediately after returning from Ezekiel’s church, prayers started to work, the witch doctor who had bewitched him died, and his doors started to open. He landed a well paying job in Kisumu. He worked there for a while, and he later got a better offer in Nairobi, where he landed into another luxurious job.

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He said Ezekiel’s prayers and holy water have really helped him, and he urged the government to stop humiliating him, he is a true servant of God. According to Eli , Ezekiel is innocent and he doesn’t sacrifice people as it has been alleged.

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