” That Is Rubbish Enda Ukadedi” Andrew Kibe Responds to Akothee After She Threatened To Sue Him.

Kibe Firesback at Akothee After She Threatened to Sue Him.

The beef between Andrew Kibe and Esther Akoth well known as Akothee is getting messy and worse. It is like Akothee has now decided to take a legal action against Andrew Kibe, for using her brand and turnishing her name on social media.

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Speaking via his podcast, Kibe said that he received a WhatsApp message from a person , who introduced himself as Akothee’s lawyer. The person addressed Kibe in a legal format, and the message was warning Kibe against using the brand name Akothee in his content.

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He was also warned against using Akothee’s photos in his content, without authorization from Akothee herself. They quoted some legal terms, and told kibe that if he continues turnishing the brand name Akothee then he will be sued.

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As usual Kibe seemed not to care, he decided to fireback at Akothee, by telling her that he is fearless, and once a person uploads a photo or video on social media, then it can be used by anyone. If she wants her photos or videos not to be used then she should stop posting them on social media.

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Kibe said that there is no way Akothee will say bad things about him, and when he responds to him, she threatens to sue him. He said if it is taking legal action, he can also do so, because what Akothee is doing is just rubbish.

The content creator insisted that, as long as Akothee posts something that seems to be bullshit or hits out at him, he won’t remain silent , he will fireback at her, till she surrenders.

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