Eddie Butita: I Was in the Same Dormitory With John Matara at Butere Boys High School.

The famous content creator and comedian, and also the CEO of Spm buzz, Eddie Butita finally decided to open up on his relationship with the famous serial killer, John Matara, who is in jail for killing the famous socialite Starlet Wahu.

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Speaking in a podcast, Eddie Butita said that he was in the same dormitory with John Matara at the famous Butere Boys High school. The Dormitory name was identified as Lancaster.

The comedian said that at high school Matara was among the students from Kisii who were very calm. He used to be a reggae fanatic and he even had a reggae song .

He was among the cheering squad and that is the furthest he knew matara. Other old boys of Butere Boys who schooled with Matara also revealed that he was cursed by the then Principal Mr Odera Edward, because he was a rude boy.

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The curse seemed to continue after highschool, and several years later Matara is now facing death sentence for killing Starlet Wahu.


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