Meet Mwalimu Yesu, A Luhya Man Who Calls Himself Jesus Christ and Has 12 Disciples.

Meet a man from western Kenya who calls himself Jesus Christ.

After the demise of the famous Jehovah Wanyonyi who referred to himself as Jesus Christ, A new Luhya Man identified as Mwalimu Yesu has taken over the throne. He is based in western Kenya and he claims to be the real Jesus.

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Mwalimu Yesu wa Tongaren, said that he was sent by God to save the world. He claimed that he usually has one on one conversation with God. Just like the real Jesus Christ in the Bible, Yesu has 12 disciples all given biblical names.

Mwalimu Yesu
Mwalimu Yesu with his disciples

The disciples help him to expand his ministry. According to him, almighty God is the one who directed him to pick those disciples. His ministry has rules, because before entering the main church you must go through a repentance session in a separate house.

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A man who calls himself Mwalimu Yesu From Western Kenya has revealed that he is the Jesus in that area and has 12 disciples to walk the journey with him.

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According to his disciples and followers, they worship him kneeling and he performs miracles for them by healing the sick. They really believe him and they are sure that he is the way to heaven.

However unlike Jesus Christ, Mwalimu Yesu is a married man. He has a wife who is one of his disciples identified as Benjamin, and they are blessed with 8 children.

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This is contrary to Jesus Christ in the Bible, because Jesus wasn’t married and he didn’t have children.

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