Education Background of prophet Owour : Most Learned Pastor in Kenya with 2 PhDs and several Degrees.

Education Background of prophet Owour and all the degrees and PhD he possess as the most learned pastor in Kenya.


The education background of Prophet Owour is about a very smart a learned person. He is among the best scientist in the world. He has recognition globally due to his achievements in the field of Science.

Who is Prophet Owour?

In Kenya the only information people have about Prophet Owour is that, he is the leader of repentance and holiness ministry.

Prophet David Owuor is a Kenyan. He was born  at Goma in Nyanza to Hezekiah Ochieng and Margaret. He is the second born in a family of 9 children. His father was a sergeant of prison service and his mother a farmer.

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Education Background of prophet Owour From Primary to International Universities.

After finishing primary School in Kenya. Prophet Owour went to his A level education in Tororo Uganda. He passed the A level stage and joined the great University of Nairobi. In 1988 Owour completed his degree in the bachelors of science. He was among the top students.

Studying Abroad

The Education Background of Prophet Owour is includes respectable degrees and PhDs he got Abroad. Owour went for further studies in Israel, University of Negev in 1992. He got his masters degree, he then joined University of Haifa still in Israel. Owour finished his PHD in Molecular Genetics, where he specialized in DNA sequencing.

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After completion, he went to the University of Chicago Centre of Pharmaceutical Biotechnology in the US. He continued with his studies and specialised in transduction (advanced DNA science), where he also got his 2nd PhD.

Achievement in the field of Science.

Prophet Owour worked in several medical  Institutions  abroad and he was among the top notch scientists. The prophet majored in Drugs design and discovery.

He majored in Signal Transduction by cancer chemotherapeutic drugs. Some of the drugs Owour and his team discovered  were approved by FDA and they are currently being used by cancer  patients.

Why he left his work to preach the word of God.

The Education Background of Owour is very strong and it is rare to find preachers who have his qualifications. However despite all those academic qualifications, Owour decided to spread the ministry of God. He started his ministry in 2003. Owour said it was a calling from God.

His ministry has been growing over years and he has a very huge number of followers. Owour is said to have divine powers to heal and do other extraordinary things. When it comes to family. He isn’t married because he has dedicated all his time to serve God.

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