Director Trevor Opens Up On Missing Mungai Eve.

In 2024 whatever people didn’t expect to ever happen, eventually happened and this happening left people in disbelief of what happened , because it happened in unexpected way that it could have been thought to happen.

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Director Trevor and Mungai Eve decided to end their relationship, in what seemed to be clout chasing that came to be true, after they both made it public that their 5 years relationship is done like that.

It was a painful breakup, not only for them but for their fans, and people who had invested their feelings in their relationship. But that is it, the two moved on and they are no longer spotted together like before.

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Speaking in an interview with Trudy Kitui, Trevor was hesitant to respond on questions about him missing Mungai Eve, and also then getting back together. He actually admitted that he miss how they used to work together because they had a good chemistry.

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On reuniting, he said that he does not know , and it is something that he doesn’t think off .He also revealed that he isn’t dating and he isn’t planning to fall in love soon, for the type of girl, he can date anyone he is not that choosy.

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