Embarambamba: I’m Famous and Poor, Sina Hata Choo Kwangu, Begs For Financial Support To Build A Toilet.

Christopher Musioma, famous as or well known as Embarambamba, decided to open up on his lifestyle off camera and how he is still struggling, despite having many numbers online.

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When he started, he was celebrated by everyone, and he was termed as a unique gospel artist. He received love, till he decided to go and perform in a strippers club, there is where rain started hitting him.

Kenyans turned against him, and since then he acquired the name controversial gospel artist. He continued to drop some weird songs for views. This led to KFCB deleting 500 songs from his YouTube and even threatening to jail him.

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Speaking in an interview with Obinna, Embarambamba said that he is really struggling with life, and at his home he doesn’t even have a toilet, he does not have a decent house, and his mother sleeps in his kitchen.
He said he will appreciate if kenyans come through for him. Because of being unable to pay huge fare, Embarambamba usually rides his motorbike from Kisii to Nairobi. He says that is cheaper as compared to boarding a bus. He is still a struggling musician who is just famous but not making money.

Click the link below to watch full video on YouTube.

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