Inside A Multimillion Mansion Owned By Famous Musician and Radio Jambo Patanisho Host Gidi .

Gidi or famous as GidiGidi because of his famous hitsongs with Maji Maji, where they released several bangers back then such as Unbwogable, Atoti and Money face. Something that most people don’t know, especially the Genz, Gidi is a pioneer of Kenyan urban music.

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He started as a musician, and 2002 was when he met his limelight in the music industry, and secured a Multimillion deal with a South African record label. Him and MajiMaji however quitted music and decided to concentrate on radio.

Gidi has been working at Radio Jambo, which is under Radio Africa Music Group, for 16 years, as at 2024. Hence most people identify him as Patanisho radio host, the morning show is one of the biggest shows in Africa.

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He resides in one of the suburbs in Nairobi, and reliable sources revealed that Gidi resides in Karen, the estate of wealthy people. He owns a four bedroom full ensuite mansion. The environment is very conducive, and has also a very fascinating garden.

It is a mansion with its own compound , in what looks like a gated community. It is secure and a place that one can live very comfortable.

While showing his house, Gidi had a very spacious sitting room with latest model of seats and huge screen. The kitchen is also an open kitchen, which is a modern design. The bedroom , his master bedroom is also spacious and also well arranged.

The house has a wooden floor and the artwork is just amazing. He has a studio in his house, where he can do podcasts. Gidi also owns a multimillion mansion at his village home, and in addition to this , he is well educated and he is a masters degree holder.

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