Sabato: Brown Mauzo Is Depressed, Ni Maskini na Hana Nyota ya Mziki.

Brown Mauzo is Depressed!?

One of the most famous Kenyan controversial content creator and tiktoker, Sabato Sabato has decided to let out the cat out of the bag, concerning the break up between Vera Sidika and her husband Brown Mauzo. Sabato threw shade at Brown Mauzo as he refers to him as a weak man.

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Speaking in an interview with Plug Tv, Sabato said that the breakup between Vera Sidika and Brown Mauzo is somehow serious and not clout chasing as many people think. He said that Brown Mauzo has already deleted all his songs on YouTube and also he has gone silent on all his social media pages.

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Sabato said that going silent on social media, is one sign of not being okay. According to him, Brown Mauzo is heartbroken and he is currently depressed, hence he decided to go silent and try to heal.

Brown Mauzo is Depressed
Sabato reveals that Brown Mauzo is Depressed

He said that the heartbreak between the two was expected and predicted, because Brown Mauzo isn’t rich, and he hasn’t even made money from music or endorsement. It was clear that Vera Was the one who was funding him, and he was living under Vera Sidika’s roof and driving her expensive cars.

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Sabato said that Vera Sidika tried everything to make Brown Mauzo famous, but it is like music isn’t his thing, despite clout chasing and doing expensive gender reveals , all funded by Vera Sidika, Brown Mauzo has never blew up.

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According to Sabato, It is Vers Sidika who dumped Brown Mauzo. The main reason is because Brown Mauzo doesn’t have money, and he fully depends on Vera Sidika to provide for him and their two children.

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He went on and urged men to come out and support Brown Mauzo because depression can finish him. Sabato said that he is ready to give Mauzo a car so that he can start doing Uber business, and atleast make some money. He also said that he can support him by opening a clothes shop or any other business that he can do.

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