” Waa Hiyo Yote ni Rosecoco” Kenyans React To Mungai Eve’s Photo on Instagram.

One of the most celebrated and famous online content creator and YouTuber Mungai Eve caused stir online, after she shared some of his cute photos, on her official Instagram page.

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Eve who is used to dripping in dope outfits and sharing cute charming photos on her official social media pages, especially on Instagram, found herself on the wrong side of the Instagram netizens.

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After sharing the photos, online DCI zoomed and discovered something controversial on the pictures. The outfit she was wearing was very revealing and the print of her private parts could be seen clearly. In slung language it is called “Camel toe” .
Here is the photo.

Mungai Eve

Here is the Instagram link.

There were several mixed reactions from the Instagram netizens, some were negative comments, mocky comments and also their were a good number of people who praised her outfit. On the other hand pervert men also praised her for what they had seen.

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Here are the screenshots of some of the comments from the Instagram netizens.


Mungai Eve
Reactions to Mungai Eve’s photo

Eve Mungai is used to sharing such controversial photos, unlike before where she used to fear online bullying, she is very confident and unapologetic to what she shares on her social media pages.

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