” Nywele na Ndevu tu” Yesu wa Tongaren Reveals His Networth.

Yesu wa Tongaren reveals his networth.

Bungoma based self proclaimed Jesus, Yesu wa Tongaren , finally decided to reveal his networth on a live interview at NTV.

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Speaking in an interview with lofty Matambo, the Tongaren based cult leader insisted that he is the real Jesus, and everything that has been happening to him, is in the Bible and he also had a vision that it will happen.

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Yesu said that while he was in jail, the Bungoma DCI team were allowed to search his house and compound, and they were shocked to find out that he was a peasant.

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He said that he is not wealthy like all the other controversial pastors , whose accounts have millions of money. Yesu revealed that the police officers only find ksh.250 and some tomatoes, that were an offering from his followers.

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The controversial Jesus went on and said that he is just a poor man, and the only wealth he has is just his hair and beards. He doesn’t have other luxurious worldly thing.

” Mimi ni maskini, walipata tu shillingi miambili na hamsini na nyanya kadhaa ambazo zilikuwa zawadi kutoka kwa wafuasi. Mali niko nayo ni hii nywele na ndevu tuu” He said.

The Bungoma Jesus said that he will continue with his ministry and he knows that he is preaching the word of God and he is the son of God send on earth to salvage people and spread the gospel of God.

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