Mapesa Madollar Threatens Kibe: I Will Deport You To Kenya Na Nilipe Wanaume Wakupige Mechi.

Mapesa Madollar vs Kibe

Controversial celebrity and self proclaimed millionaire Mapesa Madollar has joined Nyako and Akothee on issuing threats to the controversial USA based content creator Andrew Kibe.

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Mapesa Madollar decided to hit out at Andrew Kibe, after he said that he is among the people who do ‘wash wash ‘ or money laundering and conning people. Kibe said that the millions of money that Mapesa Madollar always flaunts online aren’t from legit business, he is among the people who do wash wash.

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This is not the first time Mapesa Madollar is being linked to Wash Wash. Truth watchdog who is a famous YouTuber also exposed him and alleged that he is into wash wash business.

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Madollar decided to hit out at Kibe and he threatened to deport him back to Kenya. He used some vulgar words while narrating how he will make Andrew Kibe suffer. He said that he will deport him to kenya and pay men to sodomize him.

Madollar Mapesa Threatens Andrew Kibe
Madollar Mapesa Threatens Andrew Kibe

Madollar said he doesn’t care if Kibe takes a legal action against him because of such a threat, he is fearless and if Kibe continues to drag him in his content then the worst is about to happen to him.

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He referred to Andrew Kibe as a peasant who was born in a poor family, that is why he is depending on YouTube to pay bills, he said that he didn’t tell Kibe’s parents to be poor, so he should shutup and concentrate on making his life better.

Click the link below to watch full video on Tiktok.

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