How Amberay Rose From Selling Matumbo in Kahawa West to A Multimillionaire Socialite

The inspiring story of how Amberay rose from selling Matumbo to a Multimillionaire Socialite in Kenya.


Faith Makau famous as Amberay Rose from selling Matumbo to a Multimillionaire Socialite in Kenya . She went through alot before making it in life. Her journey to success is epic and Inspiring.

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Who is Amberay?

She is a curvy socialite, who was born in Machakos, in1992. She is 30 years. Amberay is also an Instagram brand ambassador and brand influencer.

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Getting Married to a toxic man after Form four.

After finishing form four, Amberay got pregnant and delivered her first born Gavin. Life was tough because she used to live in a single room. Her husband then was a very toxic man.

Amberay was facing hell in that relationship. The man almost killed her, and that is when she quited the relationship.

How Amberay Rose From Selling Matumbo to a Multimillionaire.

Amberay Selling Matumbo in Kahawa West.
Amberay Rose From Selling Matumbo.
Amberay before fame with her son Gavin/Photo Courtesy

Life after parting ways with her baby daddy was very tough. Living in a single room with an 8 months old baby wasn’t easy. Amberay decided to venture into selling cows intestines (Matumbo). She used to hawk them at Kahawa West so that to get money to buy food for gaving.

“We used to leave Gavin [Amber’s son] at my friend’s place. I rush to Tao KMC then back to Kahawa West nazungusha matumbo. I had to sell stock yote ya kila siku since I did not have a fridge.

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Amberay Rose From Selling Matumbo to A Bar Worker.

So after selling Matumbo for a while, she landed into another job as a bar worker. She used to work at a bar and casino.

She really impressed the customers because of her beauty and services she delivered to them. She did an excellent job and she was the favourite of many customers.

From Bar worker to a Socialite.

Small fame made Amberay to open her own social media platforms. While working as a bar worker, she started growing her brand slowly. Men used to approach her with good deals. She just used her beauty very well to get money and grow her brand.

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Hanging out with several celebrities such us Brown Mauzo helped her to grow . Amberay started becoming a big brand. Her Instagram and Facebook numbers increased and she became a brand. She started using her brand to influence products. She started getting deals and she is still getting deals.

The brand has helped her to date tycoons and also get money to buy for herself a Jeep worth ksh. 12 million and live in a lavish mansion. She is a Multimillionaire. Her beauty has been making tycoons to date her and make her more wealthy.

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Other Businesses.

People think Amberay is depending on men alone, she is also a business woman and she  does wheat farming in Ukambani. She also owns several business premises.

That is an Inspiring story of how Amberay Rose From Selling Matumbo to a Multimillionaire Socialite.

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