Veronica Kiremi: My Husband Alinikata Mkono Juu Ya Wivu, Hakutaka Other Men Wanitamani.

Veronica Kiremi narrates how her jealous husband chopped off her hand

A 32 years old Woman , Veronica Kiremi, has emotionally narrrated, how her own husband, chopped off her hand because of Jealous. The woman is from Arusha, Tanzania.

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Speaking in an interview with Afrimax English. Veronica said that she has one hand because of the acts of her husband. The incident happened on 25th December 2020 , that is on a Christmas Day.

She said that she used to teach a nearby school. During the December holidays, they used to have remedial and tuition classes so that they can atleast boost the knowledge of the students. This is something that her insecure husband was against.

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The husband used to question her about going to school during holidays. He even went himself to the school to confirm if it is true. The headteacher explained very well to him and told him that it is just tuition classes.

Despite all that her husband was still insecure and used to think Veronica Kiremi is sleeping with the teacher. Beside that the man was also Jealous and he didn’t want to see Veronica talking to someone else apart from him. He even used to beat Veronica even if he finds her speaking to her father for along time .

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So the day the incident happened, Veronica had gone to school as usual. The headteacher told her to bring her national identification card, for clarification purposes. She hd forgotten at home so she decided to and bring it.

When she reached at home , just a distance from the door she noticed that things were not usual. Because there was no loud music as usual and it was just silent.
What she didn’t know is that , her husband was timing her and he had already sharpened a panga to kill her. She tried to call her daughter and house girl but nobody responded, there was just silence.

Veronica Kiremi
Veronica Kiremi/ Courtesy.

She just decided to go and see what is happening. When she reached at the door, her husband opened abruptly and jumped on her with a Panga. He was targeting her head because he wanted to kill her but by goodluck Vero protected by her hand.

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So her hand was chopped off like that. The man continued beating her up with the panga on her back. What saved Veronica was her screams. The neighbors responded immediately and luckily saved her life . They called the police immediately who arrested the man,who was attempting to escape.

Veronica was left for some minutes bleeding because the ambulance took time to arrive. She was rushed to hospital and admitted for 2 months.

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She was discharged and she had to start a new life without one hand. She is still a teacher and already filing a divorce from her husband who is still in jail.

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