“Kama Huna Pesa Usikuje Kwa Kanisa Langu” Pastor Kuria Says .

Pastor kuria warns broke people against coming to his church.

One of the most popular pastor in Kenya, Pastor Kuria famous as Mankush, has caused stir after he warned publicly, people who don’t have money , never to try to go to his church.

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Mankush is the owner of the Home of Glory Joy Ministry at Blue Springs hotel. Speaking in an interview with ‘Mambo Mseto’, Man Kush said that he has rented a building and also the chairs that congregants seat on.

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The pastor said that all those things are supposed to be paid for. He made it clear that the money to pay for them is supposed to be contributed by the members of his church.

The contribution is done through offerings. Therefore it is just compulsory for every church member to pay offerings.

He said if someone is uncomfortable with that, there are many Churches in Nairobi. If you are broke you can as well go to another church that accepts broke people.

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However if you decide to go to his church you must make sure that you have money and it must be realistic money. He said preaching is both a gift and also business, because it is a source of living for the people of God.

Here is the link to the full video on YouTube.

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