Sandra Mbuvi : I don’t Just Date Anyone, You Must Have a Car and Also Be rich like me.

Sandra Mbuvi reveals why she can't date a poor man.

Mike Sonko’ s daughter Sandra Mbuvi  well known as Thicky Sandra has finally decided to spill the beans out. She openly revealed to the public the type of a man she can date and why she only date people from the same class as her.

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Speaking in an interview with Prince Newton . Sandra Mbuvi  said that she cannot just date anyone. The first thing for her to date a man , he must be rich like her , atleast be of a social class because she comes from a social class. The man must also have a car , because she has it and she also loves car games.

Sandra Mbuvi
Sandra Mbuvi/ Courtesy

Sandra said that previously she tried to date a person from a lower class, and she was so embarrassed. Because the man was even asking her for transport money , and fully depending on her to pay for everything. This is the reason she decided to date people who have money and from rich family like her.

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Other features that her type of man must have is , tall, good vibe , outgoing and  for the colour both darkskin and lightskin  she is cool with it. However she said that currently she is taken. She said that she is dating a richkid like her.

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However she will never post her boyfriend online , till the man puts a ring on her finger. Though they are in a serious relationship and she is hopeful he is the man that he will get married to.

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