Andrew Kibe : Why I Didn’t Cry on My Wedding Day ‘Nilikuwa Nimefyeka io Kitu sana’.

The celebrity critic officer , Andrew Kibe has for the first time opened up about his wedding. Speaking during his live show on YouTube, Andrew Kibe decided to reveal the reason why he didn’t shed tears on his wedding day.

For those who don’t know, Andrew Kibe was once married to a very beautiful woman. He was a very responsible family man, and him and his wife used to live a very good love life, full of cute memories before things went left.

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Kibe and his wife had some disagreements that were unsolvable , and they decided to divorce. That is how the content creator started being bitter about love , marriage and women. Up to date, Andrew Kibe believes that marriage is a scum.

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Kibe was a man of God and valued Christianity very much, hence he did a church wedding. However something that shocked him on the wedding day is that he didn’t cry or even shed a drop of tears when he was being handed over the bride by her family.

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Kibe said that there was nothing there to make him cry because , he had already slept with the bride several times. He had seen her naked several times and he knew her body very well, so it was just like a normal day, hence it wasn’t worth crying.

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The youtuber hitted out at men who always cry when they see the bride walking down the aisle, he said that nowdays before people get married , they always fornicate, so there is no reason for someone to cry on the wedding day, it is just a normal thing .

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