Watch Aisha Jumwa Showering Akothee With Money During Her Wedding.

Akothee  is finally married, her wedding  at Windsor Hotel was one of the greatest weddings that have been ever done by kenyan celebrities.

It was attended by senior people in the government and famous celebrities. Among them was cabinet secretary Aisha Jumwa and Raila Odinga’s wife Idda Odinga.

As expected everyone was bring their gifts and one of the people who had precious gifts was Aisha Jumwa. She stepped forward and showered Akothee with thousands of uncountable notes.

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This is one of the gifts that most people usually want in their wedding. Aisha Jumwa did it in a very unique way, and she also didn’t hesitate to dance along with Akothee as they enjoy her great day.

Click the link below to watch full video on YouTube.

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